Coming Soon

In August of 2017 we will be releasing versions of the Trinka and Sam stories for children in the Philippines. We have been partnering with colleagues from the University of the San Carlos in the Philippines to translate the stories into Cebuano and Waray  to help children affected by hurricanes and earthquakes.

Cebuano Version:

Trinka and Sam and the Day the Earth Shook

Cebuano  Version:

Trinka and Sam and the Rainy Windy Day

Waray Version:

Trinka and Sam and the Rainy Windy Day

New Free Resources!!!

Check out our new free downloadable PDFs. The handouts include characters from Once I Was Very Very Scared and can be used to help children process their emotional reactions and learn ways of coping with challenging emotions and events.

Nuevos Recursos!!

Ahora en español!! Publicado el 30 de Junio.

Newly Released

Piplo Productions has partnering with Maya Vakfi and Project Lift to develop the Turkish and Arabic versions of the book and to distribute 1000 books free of charge to refugee children and non-profits serving refugee children and families. The plan was to distribute books in Turkey on June 20th, World Refugee Day.

It is so wonderful to have such great partners around the world working to help young children and families.

Thanks for celebrating with us and helping us to spread our books!!

Sharing our book with fantastic childcare providers in New York City. Click on the photo for more information about where we are sharing our books.