Our Stories

Once I Was Very Very Scared

This story was released in February of 2017.

A little squirrel announces that he was once very, very, scared and finds out that he is not alone. Lots of little animals went through scary experiences, but they react in different ways. Turtle hides and gets a tummy ache, monkey clings, dog barks, and elephant doesn’t like to talk about it. They need help, and they get help from grown-ups who help them feel safe and learn ways to cope with difficult feelings.

This story was written to help children and grown-ups (parents, teachers, and other important adults) understand how stress can affect children and ways to help them. Squirrel hopes you like it.​

Trinka and Sam Series

​This three-part series was developed to help young children and families after disasters. 

  1. Trinka and Sam and the Rainy Windy Day (hurricane version)
  2. ​Trinka and Sam and the Day the Earth Shook (earthquake version)
  3. Trinka and Sam and the Swirling Twirling Wind (tornado version)
  4. Trinka and Sam the Big Fire (wildfire version)

Over the years, Trinka and Sam have been learning to speak other languages (Spanish, Nepalese, Japanese, Cebuano, Waray, Haitian Creole), so they can help children and families around the world. Click here to learn more about the series.

The Two O's

​This was one of our first stories. It was created to highlight the importance of reflective supervision for therapists and practitioners working with families and to remind us to honor and support the child's relationships with key caregivers.