Wholesale Orders

Many of you have asked, and we are delighted to announce that we offer wholesale pricing. For book orders, you must order 20 or more books. For poster orders, you must order 50 or more posters of the same type. Book and poster orders are placed separately. 

Please click the button above and complete the survey to start the process. Based on the information you provide, we generate a quote and email it to you to ensure that you would like to proceed with the order. Pricing is provided below and in the wholesale order form. Shipping times are typically 1.5 for paperbacks and 2 weeks for hardcovers. 

Wholesale Pricing Books

Book Costs Include:

  • Shipping - Actual cost from the manufacture
  • Handling - Charged by the manufacturer ($1.99 for up to 50 books; $4.99 for 50+ books)
  • Taxes: For your state and region unless you are from a tax exempt organization and furnish proof of this or are in a region where sales tax is not charged on out of state purchases. Please email proof to piplo@piploproductions.com (see below)
  • Wholesale costs of books purchased (see below)

Wholesale Book Rate

For purchases of 1000 or more copies of a specific book, please email us at piplo@piploproductions.com for special pricing. Special pricing typically requires 8-10 weeks for books to arrive.

  • Once I Was Very Very Scared (all language versions)
  • Paperback: $9 per book
  • Hardcover: $14 per book
  • You Weren't With Me  (all language versions)
  • Paperback: $7.50 per book
  • Hardcover: $12 per book

Wholesale Pricing Posters

Poster size is 18"x24". Please contact us at piplo@piploproductions.com if you would like to wholesale order a different size or if you would like to place an order of 1000+ posters.

  • 50-100 posters: $9 per poster
  • 100+ posters: $7 per poster