Free on the First

What do we do?

On the first of every month, we make the books that we have available on Amazon under the Kindle Unlimited program completely FREE.  

Amazon allows us have a specific number of free give away days for books listed under Kindle Unlimited. All of our other books (e.g. Trinka and Sam and Once I Was Very Very Scared) already have free PDF versions that are downloadable from this website, which is why we are not allowed to include them on the Kindle Unlimited Program.

Which books are free on the first?

The ones pictured at the top of the page.
  • Mama's Waves ( beginning November 1st)
  • Holdin Pott
  • You Weren't With Me
  • Cuando no Estabas Conmigo

Why do we do this? 

We believe that "help should be given to those who ask".  

We want families with less financial resources to be able to have our books so they can help their kids using them.

We still believe in the magic of the printed book. There is nothing quite like a child pulling a book down from a shelf when they need it and reading it with you, but we do hope this makes our books easily accessible to those who cannot otherwise get them.

If you appreciate that we do this . . . please let us know

  • Write us a review (on Goodreads, Amazon, or any other platform where you buy our books).
  • This helps families and other providers know if our books are useful. You words matter.
  • Many systems are sharing our books, but they only do it if there is "data" (your reviews) that show that they are helpful
  • It makes us smile. It really does brighten our day, and we could all use more smiles.
  • When we know our books are helpful, we feel inspired to create more and to make sure they are available.
  • Send us an email (
  • Tell us what the books mean to you
  • Let us know how you are using them
  • Share a story
  • Let us know if we can share your story with others, and let us know if you want your name to be associated with the quote or story or not.

How do you get the books? 

  • You do not have to have a Kindle. You can download the free Kindle app to any device.
  • The Kindle app needs to be connected to some Amazon account. If you do not use Amazon then sorry, this will not work.
  • Find the book title on Amazon
  • Click on the Kindle version. It will say "Kindle unlimited."
  • You should see a button that looks like this the image below
  • Do not click on the button that says "Read for free" unless you already have a KindleUnlimited membership. 
  • Click on the small print text under the button that says "Want to buy for $0.00" because this is what you want to do.
  •  This should let you have the book for free on your Kindle app.