Wholesale Overview

Who Can Become a Wholesale Customer?

  • Retailers
  • Non-profit organizations with tax exempt status
  • Non-profits who are not tax exempt may be eligible if you are making a purchase of over 50 books or if we are partnering with you, but we will need to charge you taxes.

What are the Benefits of Being a Wholesale Customer?

  • Our wholesale rates are typically better than our bulk rates, especially for larger orders 
  • If needed, we can offer you rates for expediting your order (expedited shipping or handling from the manufacturer). Please note expedited handling is less expensive and may save you as much time as expedited shipping. 
  • Payment via purchase order or check with no delays (meaning we ship prior to receiving payment)

Note: We offer bulk rates to anyone purchasing 20+ books (any combination) and anyone purchasing 50+ posters. Our bulk rates include shipping, handling, and tax.

What are Your Wholesale Rates for Books?


Paperback Wholesale 

Paperback List 

Hardcover Wholesale

Hardcover List

Once I Was Very Very Scared

(all language versions)





All other books





Additional Charges

  • Handling (charged by the manufacturer): Up to 50 books=$1.99; Over 50 books=$4.99
  • Shipping (actual cost): Will be added to the invoice
  • Taxes added only if you are not sales tax exempt (e.g. a non-profit that is not sales tax exempt)

What are Your Wholesale Rates for Posters?


50-99 copies

99-999 copies

1000+ copiess

Featuring the Animals from Once I Was Very Very Scared

(all language versions)

$9 per copy

$7 per copy

$6 per copy

Free shipping and handling. Taxes added if you are not tax exempt.

Steps for Obtaining and Using a Wholesale Account

Step 1: Registration

Register to become a wholesaler. Upload or email us evidence of your tax-exempt status.

Once we approve you, login and update your shipping and billing address and, if you want, your payment information.

Step 2: Login & Place an Order

Login to your account whenever you use our website. 

All prices will update to reflect wholesale pricing. You can use the order form to place a quick order. Should you need expedited processing or shipping, let us know in the order notes.

Step 3: Approve Your Invoice

We will use your order to generate an invoice and will add actual shipping and handling costs from the manufacturer.

We will email you this invoice. Once you approve it and verify the payment method, we will place your order. Should you have questions, please email us at piplo@piploproductios.com