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Kirkus Magazine Best 100 Indie Books of 2022

"This is Argo.

He's a lot like me."

A  heart warming story about a puppy and a child who’ve each had multiple homes and tough times. Together, with the help of family, they figure out what scares them, they learn that they are lovable, and they find safety and home.


Praise for Argo and Me


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Listen to the story as read by a foster mother

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Vasilia Graboski shares a deep review  that will help readers understand  how the book can be used along with and a beautiful art activity where children can make framed pictures to honor their important relationships

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Some of the Organizations Recommending Our Book


This book may be especially helpful for children who . . . 

  • Have experienced stressful or traumatic experiences
  • Have been involved in the foster care system, whether they now reside with their birth parents or foster parents
  • Have been adopted
  • Have friends or family members who have had tough times

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