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"Meet the Potts"

Holdin Pott grew up learning to keep in feelings of sadness and anger. He is one tough pressure cooker. Little Pott is watching and wants to be just like him, but when you’re little and the heat is on really high, it’s hard to keep the lid on and hold tough stories and feelings inside. What will Little Pott do? How will Holdin Pott help him?

From the team that created Once I Was Very Very Scared and You Weren’t With Me, comes a new story to help children and grown-ups start difficult conversations and snuggle in closer together.

Praise for Holdin Pott

A Look Inside

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Free Video Version

A reading by the illustrator. You may share this version in trainings, provided you follow the Use Guidelines.

Handouts: What's in your pot?

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Start a conversation: Children & grown-ups can write or draw what they are holding inside.

Preschool Guide  

New York State Pyramid Model and Book Nooks developed a lovely guide to support teachers in using the story. You can access the guide from their site.

Puppets & Holdin Pott 

Justine Bruyère shares with the California Teacher's Association  how she uses puppets and Holdin Pott to help children to share their feelings.

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