Trinka and Sam: The Day the Earth Shook

Trinka and Sam: The Day the Earth Shook is a story parents can download and read to their young children, so the family can talk about feelings and concerns they may have after an earthquake. In the story, Trinka and Sam, two small mice, become scared and worried after they experience an earthquake and see their neighborhood damaged. The story describes a variety of common reactions such as Sam’s anger at his dad for not getting to his school sooner, Trinka and Sam’s relief at finding their friends safe, their sadness that neighbors had to move from their damaged home, and aftershocks reminding them of the initial earthquake, and shows how their parents helped them express their feelings and feel safer. In the back of the booklet, you’ll find the Parents’ Guide suggesting ways for parents to use the story with their children.

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Cebuano (Cebu, Philippines)

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