Trinka and Sam: The Big Fire

"Trinka and Sam: The Big Fire" is a story developed to help young children and their families begin to talk about feelings and worries they may have after they have experienced a large-scale fire, like a wildfire. In the story, Trinka and Sam, two small mice, become scared and worried after they experienced a severe fire and witnessed damage to their community. The story describes some of their reactions and talks about how their parents help them to express their feelings and feel safer. At the end of the story there is a parent guide that suggests ways that parents can use the story with their children.

Available Languages

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If you are sharing the story, it may be best to share the link to this page as we may update the PDF and develop new resources.

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COVID Considerations

Families who are evacuating face threat not only from fires but from COVID. As they talk to their children and use the book, it may be helpful to use the pages from the book Fighting the Big Virus: Trinka, Sam and Littletown Work Together, to draw masks on the characters and think about ways that they keep themselves safe while in shelter or out of their homes.

Free Postcards

We designed free postcards to support the dissemination of the stories. Please feel free to download, print, and share the postcards. We recommend printing bilingual postcards (one side in English and one in Spanish)

Other Resources

A free feeling poster, developed for the book "Fighting the Big Virus: Trinka, Sam, and Littletown Work Together." 

You may want to check our our other story, "Once I Was Very Very Scared". This story helps children and grown-ups talk about: 1) Events children find stressful; 2) Ways they may behave when stressed, and 3) Things that help.