Use Guidelines

We are delighted that you find our stories and tools useful and want to share them. 

These guidelines apply to all Piplo Productions resources found on this website, including videos of our team reading our stories,  free PDF versions (Once I Was Very Very Scared, Two Os, Trinka and Sam Stories), finger puppets, and other handouts. Anyone can use any of these resources for their own personal, noncommercial use. If you want to use the resources in trainings or large groups , please follow the "General Training Use" Guidelines. We reserve the right to change these guidelines in the future. Please also review the General Terms and Conditions of Use for this website.

Our Books

Please follow the copyright in each book. If you would like to share our books with large groups of people, we offer wholesale prices for purchases of 20 or more books.

Once I Was Very Very Scared (including language adaptations of this book)

We offer free PDF versions of this story. By downloading and using that story, you agree to follow the copyright included in the PDF version. 

  • PERSONAL USE: As noted, you may use the downloaded story for personal, noncommercial use.  Please consider buying a book rather than printing and laminating a copy as the costs are likely to be equivalent, the printed book will be nicer, and buying the book supports the work we do. 
  • USE IN TRAININGS: Please follow the "General Training Use" guidelines

The Story of the O's

We offer free PDF versions of this story in English and Spanish. By downloading and using that story, you agree to follow the Story Use guidelines included in the PDF version and the General Training Use Guidelines. When using the story in trainings, If you prefer, you may include the slide shown below in the handout rather than the title slide from that story.

The Trinka and Sam Stories

This is a free disaster-related series developed in collaboration with colleagues from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network

  • Please follow the copyright in each story.
  • COPYING AND DISTRIBUTING THE STORY: You may copy and freely distribute any of the Trinka and Sam stories and related resources (parent guide, feeling chart, handouts). If needed, you may recuperate the costs associated with printing and distributing the materials, but you may not profit from the sale or distribution of the materials, and you must let all recipients know that the materials are freely available from this website or from
  • USE IN TRAININGS: You are welcome to use the story, video, and related Trinka and Sam resources as part of trainings. Please follow the "General Training Use" guidelines

General Training Use Guidelines for Our Stories and Materials

  • All participants must be provided with a link to this website, the names of the developers of the resource, and they must be told that the resources are freely available on this website.
  •  Copyright for all materials remains with Piplo Productions, LLC.
  • If you are providing handouts or other materials, you must either include the slide/handout shown below, or a story-specific slide/handout if one exists (e.g. for the Two Os and Trinka and Sam stories)
  • While the resources may be used as part of trainings, you may not sell or receive any compensation for the specific use of the resources. You may of course be compensated for providing training.
  • You may not alter any of the resources in any way, without specific written permission from Chandra Ghosh Ippen (you can contact Piplo Productions to request permission).
  • You may not include any of the resources in a standardized curriculum without written permission from Chandra Ghosh Ippen.

Slide/Handout for Use in Trainings

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